25W: Which Portal QB Would You Want + Kansas State Head Coach Jerome Tang + Toby Keith in Studio + Round 2 of Our Playoff Promises

He Will Never Be A Gentleman

One of Lunchbox's kids was told he will never be a gentleman because of what he did to a little girl at the Christmas Market. Is this really a sign of growing up to be a gentleman? Ray's nephew Boomer has something in common with Zach Wilson and no it's not that they both suck at football. We also hit the mailbag to hear from Sore Losers Nation and what is on their mind. 

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(Wed Full Show) The Full 12 Days of Bobby Bones Show Christmas Song + Lunchbox Makes a Confession That Involves Members Emails + Why Is Someone Mad About The Work Christmas Party?

We cover "The 12 Days of Christmas" as a show... but with all the words swapped out for things about each show member! Then, Lunchbox has a confession to make about using show members email addresses to try and get something for free... Plus, find out why someone is mad about the work Christmas party that is happening soon!

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(Wed Early Bird) What Was Eddie Accused Of Stealing? + Meat Scientist Shares The Best Way To Order A Steak + Mailbag: Questioning Bad Parent

Find out what Eddie was accused of stealing while at the grocery store! Plus, ever have any questions about meat? We have Meat Scientist Dr. Cassens on to answer all our questions! Mailbag: Listener's 10-year-old spends hours on the tablet. Our listener is questioning if she's being a bad parent by letting their child spend a lot of time with technology.

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Tues Post Show (12-5-23)

Bobby starts by talking to Cindy from Richmond who has an opinion about tipping workers during the holidays with food. Another caller agrees with Lunchbox and thinks America is in a tough place right now and another caller who works collecting garbage clears up how many houses they have in a day. Our friends at Sonic drops by to deliver food and Bobby pitches the idea to sell our pallet items at one of his stores.

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(Tues Full Show) Amy Is Experiencing a Lot Of Firsts This Year + How Did Eddie Ruin Christmas For His Kids? + Should You Tip Your Trash Collectors?

Amy shares all the firsts she is experiencing this year. Since she had the kids for Thanksgiving, she's going to be by herself for Christmas, find out her plans! Then, hear how Eddie ruined Christmas for his kids when he accidentally ran something over. Plus, Morgan got a holiday card from her trash collectors, and it started a debate if you should tip them for their services or not!

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(Tues Early Bird) NASCAR Champ Ryan Blaney Talks Experience Seeing Car Accidents & Cars Blow Up + Lunchbox Wants To Back Out Of Hosting Event + Mailbag: Fake Package Trap

NASCAR Champ, Ryan Blaney, stops by the show to talk about all things racing with Morgan #1! Then, find out why Lunchbox wants to back out of hosting an event now... Mailbag: Listener has had multiple packages stolen from their front porch & now the husband wants to put fake packages out with poop and mouse traps inside them to get it to stop. Should he do it or no?

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Why Relationships Are Never 50/50, the App We All Need, Christmas Traditions & More (5th Thing)

Is it annoying when someone says they're giving 110%? Kat can't stand when people say that, but it doesn't bother Amy. They agree to disagree on this topic, but they both agree that Brene Brown gets it right when she says that in a relationship, it’s never 50/50. Percentage talk came up because of today's quote: “On the days you have only 40%, and you give 40%. You gave 100%.” – Jim Kwik

Back to Brene Brown and relationships...some days one partner may only have 20%, and the other might pick up the slack. Or maybe you and your partner have a combined 40%- and if so, that’s ok! Amy and Kat remind us that we can line up activities that meet you where you are that week. You gave 100%.” – Jim Kwik yourselves! Amy also shares a listener tip for a useful app she found called ‘Just Watch’. It’s a helpful resource to find where your favorite tv shows are playing, so you can find which streaming app you need! Kat and Amy discuss sharing passwords with significant others, and their favorite traditions around the holidays! What foods they like to make and what Christmas movies they like to watch!  Amy and Kat both recommend following @Peaceful_barb if you're not already. She's great! 
Have the day you need to have!!

Amy Brown // RadioAmy.com // @RadioAmy

Kat Defatta // @Kat.Defatta // @YouNeedTherapyPodcast // YouNeedTherapyPodcast.com

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#427 - Ian Munsick on Cody Johnson Calling Him for His Song “Leather” After He Wrote It + Why He and Wife Kept The Relationship Secret + Why His Speech Impediment Goes Away on Stage

Ian Munsick (@ianmunsick) sat down with Bobby Bones to talk about his music journey coming from Wyoming. Ian grew up doing ranch work but was encouraged young to start music and played in his family band. He shares the struggles of leaving Wyoming to chase his music dreams in Nashville and attend Belmont University where he met his manager turned wife, and why they kept their relationship private in the beginning. Ian also reveals why his speech impediment goes away when he's on stage and how he overcomes it. He also shares working with his hero, Cody Johnson, and getting his first cut as a songwriter when he asked for his song "Leather."

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Ray's Date With Justin!

Drama is what we all love and that's why college football is perfect the way it is. Florida State went undefeated but was left out of the College Football Playoff, did the committee get it right? Ray went on a date to the Titans game with is main squeeze Justin and Justin almost got into a fight in the stands. Lunchbox had an unfortunate experience when he was trying to watch the 49ers vs Eagles game at the neighborhood get together. Also Lunchbox is completely over Fantasy Football! 

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