Abby Smyers: Navigating A Pet’s Cancer Diagnosis, The Joy of Animal Rescue

In this episode of In The Vet’s Office, Abby Smyers (animal rescue advocate and wife to Dan Smyers of Dan & Shay) stops by with one of her four rescue pups, Macaroni. Abby shares how she first got involved with animal rescue and how it quickly became her life’s passion. Abby opens up about her dog Joy’s recent cancer diagnosis. Joy was diagnosed with sarcoma, a soft tissue cancer, after Abby discovered a mass near her tail while out for a walk. Dr. Josie was one of Abby’s first calls and helped build out the care team that has taken are of Joy in recent months. Abby & Dr. Josie go in depth about the journey from diagnosis to how Joy is doing currently. In the intro to Abby’s interview, Dr. Josie also sits down with her co-host, radio personality Shannon Ella, to dive into the Case of the Week – an owner that came in asking for a mammogram for her 10-month-old dog, which led to an interesting discovery! A listener calls in to ask for help preventing ear infections in his dog that loves the water and another caller asks Dr. Josie when she can start taking her puppy on runs. After the interview, Dr. Josie and Shannon wrap up the episode with PAW & ORDER where Dr. Josie details things she’d never do with her own pets including not keeping an eye out for ring worm on your pets that are highly contagious to humans.  

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