Arkansas Keith Talks About His Retirement & His Recent Visit With Bobby

Bobby Bones stepdad, Arkansas Keith, is staying at his house right now and Bones asked him some questions about what he’s doing now that he’s retired!  

At 65-years-old, Keith is now fully retired. He said he spends his days “goofing off” and doing what he wants to do, like hunting and fishing and walking through the woods. He still wakes up around 4:30am in the morning and hangs around the house until daylight and then goes fishing.  

He really looked forward to retiring and thinks he’s going to be great at it. He said his daily routine right now is waking up, feeding the dogs, feeding himself, taking the dogs on a walk and then just going from there. He’s also been reading a lot of books about UFOs and says his biggest takeaway from those is that they are cover ups. He’s also reading up on The Civil War and says his favorite topic to read about is the people from Arkansas who were involved in The Civil War.  

 Keith’s biggest advice to those who want to retire is to start saving money and working on a retirement plan and a 401K and Roth IRA now because once you reach 55, it’s too late to start working on it.  

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