Communities Hold 'Bear Hunts' To Entertain Kids During Coronavirus Outbreak

A cute little Teddy bear toy sits on a brown wooden and white plastic windowsill with a copy of the text space on the window glass. Beautiful lonely bear on the window. The concept of childhood.

Families across the globe are finding ways to entertain themselves amid the outbreak, especially with having kids at home.

"Bear hunts" are being set up by neighbors and business to help keep kids and parents busy during self-isolation, while also adhering to the rules around social distancing. The activity is based on the children's book "We're Going on a Bear Hunt," and it involves residents placing a stuffed bear in their windows of their homes or businesses. Then as kids are out with parents walking or driving, they "hunt" for the bears.

The scavenger hunt has gained a lot of popularity around the world and parents are grateful for the entertainment.

Photo: Getty Images