Lunchbox Waited In Line For Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, Got Reviews

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is practically the hottest item of 2019.

After a massive debate on Chick-fil-A or Popeyes having the best chicken sandwich, Popeyes sold out of their sandwich for weeks after the influx of interest. Just recently, on Sunday (November 3), the company announced all of their locations would have chicken sandwiches available for purchase. Naturally, the stores flooded with lines of people looking to taste out the "delicious" sandwich.

Lunchbox went out to a store in Nashville, Tennessee to see what all the fuss was about. He stood in line with other customers and took photos and audio of everyone waiting.

He went far enough to try a chicken sandwich with one of the customers, for the first time. He asked what she thought it would taste like, and then proceeded to get audio of her trying it and giving it a 10/10 for taste.

He also asked another customer what her thoughts were on the sandwich, who said she didn't understand all the fuss about a chicken breast on a piece of bread.

Make sure to get out and try one for yourself before it's too late again.

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