Lunchbox Went Early Trick-Or-Treating As A Penguin

Lunchbox took to the streets for some Halloween fun. He put on his penguin onesie that he's had for many years and went to houses to early trick-or-treat.

Halloween falls on October 31st, which means trick-or-treaters are only out that evening, but not Lunchbox. He went out over the weekend to see who all may have candy ready early. Some people couldn't help but laugh at an early trick-or-treater that was a grown man, some peeped through windows because they were creeped out, and some straight up yelled to tell him to get off their property.

The icing on the cake though was that these street antics normally only have audio due to privacy of those on the other end. But Lunchbox showed up at a listener's house who wasn't home. They caught Lunchbox on their ring doorbell video and we have to say, the image makes it all the more hilarious.

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