Randoms-Virtual Proms, DIY Haircuts, Foster a Dog, Get Beer, & Free Crocs!

  • A movie theater owner in Virginia can’t serve up first-run features right now, but he’s still serving up tubs of popcorn – and donating the proceeds to his employees. Mark O’Meara, who owns two small movie houses in the town of Fairfax, was forced to close his doors, putting a bunch of folks out of work. So he decided to help them out by peddling popcorn outside his theaters. He tellsVariety, “All of us little people, being more a part of the community, we’re better suited to rally. The larger chains get a lot more customers, but I get to know my audience well.” On his first afternoon in business, O’Meara sold $25 worth of popcorn in 45 minutes. He is now averaging $300 to $400 a day in concession sales.
  • Busch beer has teamed up with Midwest Animal Rescue & Services in Minneapolis to sponsor the “Foster a Dog, Get Beer” campaign. If you foster or adopt a dog from the shelter, you get 3 months of beer for free. A furry friend AND free beer … no brainer! (Food & Wine)
  • Greyhounds in Florida are catching an early break… and available for adoption. Dog racing was scheduled to become illegal in Florida in 2021. But because of coronavirus, dog racing tracks in Florida have been forced into early retirement.Awesome Greyhound Adoptions has announced it is looking for adopters and foster homes for these beautiful dogs. “The virus has caused early shut down of two tracks and these dogs need places to go while waiting for forever homes. NOW IS THE TIME TO STEP UP, FLORIDA PEEPS,” they wrote. Time to adopt! (NY Post)
  • Crocs has announced that they are providing free footwear to healthcare workers on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis in the U.S. On their website, and while supplies last, Crocs is offering “A Free Pair for Healthcare,” where doctors, nurses and other hospital workers can a choose a free pair of Crocs Classic Clogs and Crocs At Work styles. (NY Post)
  • This will cheer you up. We can all admit that staying fit has become a bit more challenging while were isolated at home, but four-year-old Jayden Pollard has got it figured out … and she’s helping Mom and Dad stay strong in the process. Dad and stunt coach Roland Pollard shares photos on Instagram of Jayden executing stunts worthy of Navarro Cheer. And the sweetest part? Instead of starting stunts with the cheerleader’s “Ready? OK,” Roland usually starts by telling Jayden, “I love you.”

Virtual prom …High school seniors are having a rough go of it. For many, their final year of sports has been canceled, as well as graduation, senior trips, and even prom. Instead of foregoing the social event of their high school careers,reports that students are planning virtual prom parties with their friends and dates. The kids will log onto Zoom, Facetime, or other virtual networking apps at a specified time -- dressed up, of course -- and get their prom on! It might be hard to dance with their date, but at least they’ll get to dress up and socialize.

DIY haircuts …With people staying at home and businesses like hair salons and barber shops having to shut down, many people across the country are finding themselves in desperate need of a haircut. Some of them have resorted to cutting their own hair, which has been great for Wahl -- the company known for manufacturing electric clippers. A company spokesperson says they've already sold out of many of their clippers on Amazon and their online store is nearly out of stock. They say traffic on the website is up over 280% from last year and most visitors are looking for haircut tutorials. (TMZ)

Humor is the best medicine …Americans are discovering a variety of ways to deal with the stress they’re feeling as we all continue to be consumed by news of COVID-19. Reuters reports that one thing that works wonders is laughing. Mental health professionals say that not only is humor a “soothing balm,” it can also reduce stress hormones. Psychologist Sean Truman explains that humor is “a really powerful way to manage the unmanageable. Just to make fun of it and to gain control by laughing at it. That’s a really powerful psychological move we can make.” Time to stream some funny movies and comedy shows.

Sales of comfort foods on the rise …What do people do when they are stuck at home, bored, and need to relieve some of that pressure? They eat their favorite comfort foods! Nothing alleviates stress like a bag of potato chips or a box (or 10) of Girl Scout cookies. And while you’d be hard pressed to find toilet paper or cleaning products in grocery store aisles, the vegetables and other healthier foods are abundant. Junk food aisles, however, are not. According to recently released Nielsen data, comfort food sales are up in a big way, and it’s not just the shelf stable stuff. Pastry sales are up by 18%, which means people are buying goodies to eat immediately ... not just for their pantry! (The Takeout)

Let it go …Singer and actress Tamar Braxton has a PSA for anyone holding onto grudges during this stressful time … Let it go! She recently tweeted: "I feel that it’s the time to get along with everyone. I don’t even have a feeling about people who wronged me in the past … NOTHING or NO ONE is going to dim the light that’s over me." 

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