American boy recites pledge of allegiance at US Consulate in China

Adopting a child from a foreign country is hard on a family, but totally worth it! It's expensive for sure, and you don't just fly over, sign the papers and fly back- nope, your stay is weeks to get it done right. Rev. Eric Bean and wife Christen took their son Asher, age 6, to China to get his new brother, 5 year old Elijah. Not speaking the same language means nothing to little boys- they bonded immediately! After many days of paperwork, tests, boring hotel stays and culture shock (hello, Chinese Wal Mart?) they finally get to go to the US Consulate to get naturalization papers. That's where Asher decided some folks needed to hear of his allegiance to the American flag, for which it stand in front of the building there.

Our thanks to Eric for keeping everyone informed and welcome Elijah to his new home in America!

Asher and Elijah meet for the first time
Sherri Marengo

Sherri Marengo

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