Lunchbox Feeling Dog Dad Guilt After Not Noticing Something Was Wrong

Lunchbox and his wife brought their second baby home from the hospital in recent weeks.

Baby Box 2 has been taking up a lot of the parents time, but more than anything the house has been full a lot of chaos due to there now being two children in the home. Lunchbox and his wife are loving the new responsibilities that come with being parents of two kids, but that means some of their attention has been taken away from their dog Waldo.

Lunchbox has made a point to walk Waldo every single day so he doesn't feel lonely from the new family additions, but as far as attention to detail with their pup, things have been off. Lunchbox noticed Waldo scratching at his ear pretty bad in the past few days, and he found a scab. Turns out that Waldo had a double ear infection that he's had for a couple of weeks now. Lunchbox felt really bad about this because he didn't notice like he normally would have.

Despite the mishap, Waldo has been taken care of with medications and is now doing better. Lunchbox says his pup is very great with the new baby, he often goes in to check on him in the mornings.

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