Kip Moore Says New 'Wild World' Album Is His 'Deepest Project Yet'

Kip Moore Says New 'Wild World' Album Is His 'Deepest Project Yet'

Kip Moore is digging down deep in his brand new album, Wild World, released on Friday (May 29). The introspective project features songs full of faith, love, regret and self-discovery.

Moore has previously released three studio albums, two EPs and multiple No. 1 songs, however Wild World is the country singer's "deepest project yet."

"It’s a lot," Moore told Entertainment Tonight of his new self-produced album. "There is so much that goes into it and just the process of writing it while you’re on the road, while you’re back, and it just seems like it never ends… So I’m definitely glad that it’s finally [out there]… and I can let myself kind of breathe."

Moore cowrote all but one of the 13 songs featured on Wild World. The project, which has been years in the making, "took a lot out" of him emotionally, he says referring to moments he "couldn't get through" in the writing room or recording studio. The final track on the project, "Payin' Hard" was one that was especially difficult to get through as Moore describes it as "the single most personal song" he's ever written. Take a listen to the deep-cut in the video below.

Wild World is Moore's first full-length album since 2017's Slowheart. Ahead of the album release, Moore shared several songs individually with fans including, "Southpaw," "Wild World," Red White Blue Jean American Dream," and "She's Mine." A full track listing along with songwriters for Wild World can be seen below.

Kip Moore's Wild World Track Listing:

1. "Janie Blu" (Dan Couch, Kip Moore)

2. "Southpaw" (Westin Davis, Mooer)

3. "Fire and Flame" (Cary Barlowe, Brett James, Moore, Will Weatherly)

4. "Wild World" (Josh Miller, Moore)

5. "Red White Blue Jean American Dream" (Jimi Beil, Barton Davies, Luke Dick, Phillip Lammonds)

6. "She's Mine" (Couch, Moore, Scott Stepakoff)

7. "Hey Old Lover" (Couch, Moore)

8. "Grow On You" (Blair Daly, Davis, Moore)

9. "More Than Enough" (David Garcia, Josh Miller, Moore)

10. "Sweet Virginia" (Moore, Manny Medina, Erich Wigdahl)

11. "South" (Adam Browder, Couch, Medina, Moore, Dave Nassie, Erich Wigdahl)

12. "Crazy For You Tonight" (Daly, Davis, Moore)

13. "Payin' Hard" (Daly, Davis, Moore)

Photo: Getty Images

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