Tyler Farr gets pranked and eats DOG TREATS!

The Buck Commander crew put dog treats inside a Cowboy Jerky bag and then set them in front of TYLER FARR.  They let him start eating a few before telling him the truth.

There's video of him chewing away on pieces of what he thought was Winter Green and Vienna Sausage.  When he was told it wasn't really jerky, he didn't want to believe it.  At first.

Finally, somebody asked what it tasted like and he admitted, "It tastes kind of like a dog treat.  Is it really?"  When the answer came in as "Yes"  . . . he grabbed a red Solo cup and started spitting it out.

They posted the clip online and captioned it, "Tyler Farr got initiated into the Buck Commander family this week.  You always gotta be on your toes around this crew or you get pranked."

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