The Trip of a LIFETIME!

Last week I did something I never thought I would actually follow through with. I booked and took the solo vacation I'd been talking about for ages. I went out of my comfort zone and BOY.. WAS IT WORTH IT!!!

I ended up being surprised by a friend who drove down to play on my birthday. He introduced me to his friends (who I had an immediate connection with) and from that point the week was surprise after surprise in the most unusual, kind, and loving types of ways. I cannot wait to share all of the details with all of you but for now, enjoy a few awkward solo PhotoPass pictures! Ride pictures and a collage of awkward selfies to come! My favorite photo here, by the way, is the one where the Disney photographer told me to act like I was holding my birthday balloons because she would photoshop them in after (so I obliged) and then she 100% did not photoshop them in afterward. Nice play, lady...nice play...


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