The elections aren't quite over.

Votes are still being counted in some states.  A Pascagoula Police Dept. Captain threw his hat in the ring for one race yesterday.  And what will Democratic control of the House mean for voters?  That's just one of many stories covered on "Gulf Coast Mornings with Kelly Bennett and Uncle Henry" this November 8th.  

Here are the highlights:


Votes are still being counted in the midterm elections. Fifteen races are still too close to call, including Senate races in Arizona, Florida and Mississippi. In the 12 unresolved House races, Democrats are favored to win nine of them. The delay in most of these races are so election officials can count mail in and in some cases provisional ballots. It may take up to two weeks to determine the winners.


Pascagoula Police Department Capt. Doug Adams made a big announcement on his facebook page:

“After much consideration, numerous discussions with my family, and a ton of encouragement from the public, I am proud to announce my candidacy for The Mississippi State Senate Seat District 51. I am extremely excited and ambitious about this campaign, but more importantly, dedicated to continue down the path of public service by helping to fight for our state, our community and our future! ... I am very thankful for this amazing opportunity and look forward to, not only continuing to build relationships with the people of Mississippi, but also meeting new faces and listening to the unheard voices within our communities.”

The MS Senate District 51 seat is currently held by Michael Watson.  He's planning to run for Secretary of State in 2019.


The details on the mass shooting in California are still emerging.  We'll have the latest tomorrow morning on the show.  


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