REVIEW: "A Star Is Born"

In case you missed it, or like me, have just been too busy to follow news lately, "A Star Is Born" is THE movie to see right now. I went, I saw, I cried, I played the soundtrack on repeat. Basically, it's a FULL ON experience.

The story starts with a rock star, Jackson/ Jack (Bradley Cooper) on a booze and drug bender after a show. He stops in a bar for another drink and has no clue it’s a drag bar. He stays and is incredibly kind to everyone but has no idea he is about to witness something that changes his life. A former waitress of the bar, Ally (Lady Gaga), often performs live during the drag shows and on that night, she blows the roof off with a version of one of my favorite songs of all time, “La Vie en Rose”. Jack cries, and from there, a whirlwind. 

Without giving away anything else, because I NEED you to go see this film, here’s what I have to say about these two hours:

This movie hit a lot of topics head on. I’ve had so many people say, “meh, it’s just a lovey dovey chick flick...I’ll pass” but y’all. It’s so much more. 

Have you ever fallen in love? Maybe so hard that even when your heart is broken you will still love that person that broke it until the day you die? Yes? This film is for you.

Have you ever loved someone with substance abuse issues? Or have you had them? Ally fights with Jack through his battle(s). She never gives up on him. He goes through ups and painful downs. Let me rephrase..they do. If you’ve ever dealt with it, yes..this movie is for you.

Have you ever struggled with inferiority complexes? Maybe felt you weren’t good enough. Have you ever carried guilt for your self-destructive actions, whether they be physically harmful or mentally detrimental, and how they affected someone else? Yes? Watch it. 

Or do you just like a very real, human, beautifully made movie? You guessed it. It's for you. Every dude will want to be a smooth as Jack (minus the issues) and every girl will want to be his Ally. I did. 

The song in the clip above is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the soundtrack. I wasn't a fan of Ally's "pop" hits in the movie but when she is in full on raw, natural Ally mode she is breathtaking. What I found most intriguing, aside from the incredible storyline, was the acting. Bradley Cooper trained for YEARS for this role. He has never had any formal vocal training prior to this. Nor did he play this guitar. Along with Willie Nelson's son and Gaga, in this film he does both AND LET ME JUST TELL YOU...


Overall, I give this movie how many stars? All of them in the sky. 

I didn't know I would embrace the pain of this film in the way that I did, but I'm overall glad I took the time to disconnect from the world or 2.5 hours and give this one a go. I haven't cried that hard since “The Notebook” and then immediately felt the urge/need to see it again. 

For the record, from the heartbreak to the complexes, I have dealt or still deal with everything I listed above. I connected with this one on a level that made me think about my past and look to my future. I can't wait to hear what you think.

"A Star Is Born” is about passion and finding out who you are along with way...

Cheers to the journey, friends.

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