SURPRISE! I'm celebrating National Boyfriend Day?!

So... apparently today is National Boyfriend Day? Meaning if you have a boyfriend you're supposed to do something special for him? I think? 

I'm a little confused here. Aren't you supposed to do random kind things for your boyfriend/girlfriend anyway...without a made-up social media holiday that was created by narcissists who want to share their "look at the sweet thing I've done" moments with followers?

While I don't have a "boyfriend"...sure, I'll join in on the fun.

Look, I'm 33. I'm single. I have tried. I gave it everything in me. It didn't work. I believe in love and am a hopeless romantic, but right now I'm in the best relationship I've ever been in. (SEE BELOW) I dig that girl I'm hanging onto for the first time in a REALLY long time. In fact, it's going so well that we are promising to love one another first from now on and we are honeymooning in Disney next month. 

We are registered anywhere Disney Gift Cards are sold.

(*eye rolls...national boyfriend gotta be kidding me...*)

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