Homecoming Week Day 1: Tacky (FloraBama) Tourist Day

It's Homecoming week at my kid's school and each day is themed. In elementary school the theme days were much easier to pull off. Things like "crazy hair day" and "silly sock day". This year we had to put a bit more thought into to.

Day 1: Tacky Tourist Day (see photo) - Inspired by many people we've seen at the Flora-Bama!

Day 2: Famous Faces (dress up like a famous person you love)

Day 3: This is the Greatest Show (Circus/ Greatest Showman theme) - this was SO HARD unless you are a clown or an animal, which she didn't want to do.

Day 4: School Spirit day

Luckily, my kiddo is a kook like me so we are going to have fun with this! Say tuned for more pictures!

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