Wear this costume and I PROMISE I'll make fun of you

Halloween is a time for us to get creative. I love a good costume, but I will say there have been last minute instances where I have had to pop in and buy something. I don't like it, but it's happened. Many people buy theirs from stores online every year. To each his own. HOWEVER...the sexy versions of certain costumes are the most irritatingly obnoxious costumes out there.

Y'ALL - Barney the dinosaur is not sexy. NEMO as a person with a tutu is not sexy. A dadgum Reese's peanut butter wrapper is NOT SEXY. These are all REAL costumes I've seen for purchase. 

Honorable mention: Sexy Hamburger, which doesn't make me angry because I'm starving right now.

Now, with the success of the huge Hulu show, "The Handmaid's Tale"..we have this. This is not ok.

Clearly the only people who would buy this have never watched the show or they would know that what they are wearing goes completely against everything the writers are trying to accomplish. Most likely though, these people don't care because "OMG I LOOK HOT.." ... can you feel me rolling my eyes?

Just know if you wear this and I see you out on Halloween, I WILL take pictures and I WILL post them and no sarcasm will be spared.

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