My interview with WWE's Bayley and what happened after!

You won't hear me say this often, but I owe this one to my ex.  :)

Two years ago I went to my first wrestling match since 2001. Even in 2001 I wasn't a HUGE fan but I was pretty well-versed in "wrastling". Enough to know who Stone Cold and Diamond Dallas Page were but only because my best friends in high school were backyard wrestlers. Until high school, my knowledge of wrestling was pretty much Rowdy Roddy Piper (my dad loved the guy), the "snap into a slim jim" commercials and Hulk Hogan's reality show. The boy told me months before that there was this new girl in the WWE that he knew I would love because she was the "sweet girl" in the WWE. The Hugger. I watched her debut and he was right. I immediately adored Bayley but I still didn't watch.

It all happened at the last second. I had no intention of going and was probably kind of jerk who made sarcastic comments about it just to mess with him, the mega-fan who paid for every pay-per-view and watched weekly. However, when his plus one backed out, I was in and decided to have some fun with it. Low and behold..I get there, I'm mesmerized and I'm immediately sucked in. It was that night that I became a big fan. Specifically of the ladies. I even left with a Bayley t-shirt that night. See my intensity below...geez.. and isnt he cute? ;)

I found myself watching Monday Night Raw and Smackdown, and Rori (my 11yr old) watched too. She loved Bayley on her own, without my influence. For the record, she also likes Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair...but NO ONE as much as Bay. We had the opportunity to go to Wrestlemania this past year and SHE WAS IN! We met up with some of my high school best friends and their kids too and had the time of our lives! We also went to the SummerSlam tour in Pensacola, Rori's first experience in a small venue! SUPER COOL for her!

Fast forward to this week...Being the only wrestling fan in the building, I volunteered (jumped on the opportunity) to interview one of the WWE's finest for our stations without a clue as to who it would be. I was first told it would be Dean Ambrose. I found out Wednesday that I would be interviewing Bayley and my co-workers Steve Powers and Bill Black were legitimately scared when I went screaming down the hallways stoked to interview the girl I have action figures of in my office!!

During the interview we talked about alternative career paths, favorite cheat foods and girl power. We also talked about my daughter Rori, who was VERY upset I wouldnt let her skip school during the interview. I told Bayley she would make a sign for her Saturday...and we did. 

What you see below is what happened when Bayley saw Rori in the crowd!

This is why we are the girls of the WWE. We love them and that will NEVER change. Until next time...KEEP ON HUGGING ON!!


Apologies for saying "for sure" and "of course" a million times. Ya girl was nervous!

Johnna Interviews Bayley

And dear ex, thank you. My life is better because of the fandom and you started this nonsense :)

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