Kaylee Foster is my HERO! Field Goals AND a CROWN!

As soon as this story broke I shared it with my 11 year old daughter! THIS! THIS IS PROOF, KID! Your can be exactly who you want to be.

Kaylee Foster, primarily a soccer player, started playing Varsity football for Ocean Springs her sophomore year. Before Friday's Homecoming game, Kaylee, who had been a member of the Homecoming Court all four years of high school, was named HOMECOMING QUEEN! 

Kaylee went on to kick two field goals in the big game and as soon as the game was over played the beautiful crown atop her head.

My senior year of high school was similar. I was nominated to homecoming court with two other girls, Melissa and Anna, who I'm still friends with today. I was the all-state jock, Anna was the band captain, and Melissa the Cheer Captain. It just showed that ANYONE, no matter who you were or what you participated in could win this silly crown just by being friendly to people. This is real life. Stories like this are important. In a world where society is trying to place everyone in a category or give them a label, Kaylee and her school just proved that you can do it ALL!

Congrats, Kaylee! You make those pads and cleats look GOOD!

Also this story makes me think about the ICEBOX in The Little Giants. I LOVE THIS STORY!!

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