I don't know if I can support his Bills...or mine?

The Buffalo Bills haven't won 10 games in a season since the Clinton administration and they haven't won a playoff game since the year O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of killing Nicole, BUT THIS YEAR... my thoughts are that it's all about to change. My friend AJ is playing for the Bills now and now that I've gotten rid of my Bengals attire from his first couple of years, its time to trade up to Red, White and Blue!

I have been friends with the McCarron family (and have considered them family) for about 8 years now. WOW. Time has flown. I watched AJ leave high school (in our hometown) and go on to lead Alabama to multiple victories both on the field and off. He is the only reason you have ever seen me in Crimson. AJ's mother and I worked together and I was the adopted McCarron sister for years and wouldn't have it any other way. When AJ went Pro, we know it would be fun, but this new adventure seems to be one non of us are ready for!!

When AJ went Pro, we know it would be fun, but this new adventure seems to be one non of us are ready for!!

Bills fans are notorious for LOSING THEIR MINDS while tailgating (maybe that's why I'm so into it!) and it might be because they're TOTALLY GETTING HOSED! The site HomeToGo.com did a study to figure out how much it would cost fans to attend ALL 16 regular season games, for each NFL team. That includes tickets, beer, hot hogs, transportation to the away cities, and accommodations in those places.  So they look at each team's prices, AND the prices where their schedule will take them this season. 

After crunching all the numbers, they found that Buffalo Bills fans would shell out the most to attend all 16 games.  It would cost roughly $7,991.15....

Hey Bills, Imma let you finish, but the Saints don't cost me 8K per season... just saying...

Here are the five most expensive teams to root for:
1.  Buffalo Bills, $7,991.15
2.  Houston Texans, $7,620.84
3.  Oakland Raiders, $7,292.13
4.  Detroit Lions, $7,082.55
5.  Seattle Seahawks, $7,059.66
And the five LEAST expensive teams to root for are:
1.  Washington Redskins, $4,469.26
2.  Atlanta Falcons, $4,617.19
3.  New York Giants, $4,744.39
4.  Pittsburgh Steelers, $4,746.13
5.  Cincinnati Bengals, $4,919.47

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