If you have kids and Alexa, TRY THIS!

If you have Amazon Alexa then you probably already know you can tell Alexa to find your favorite show, play your favorite radio stations, etc. BUT did you know that you can have Alexa tell you jokes?

My 11yr old and I started with "Alexa, tell me a joke" and then it spiraled into very specifics commands, to which she obliged. "Alexa, tell me a chicken joke", "Alexa, tell me a halloween joke"... we laughed WAY TOO hard...and I may or may not have saved some of them for future use.

One in particular caught me off guard though. Here's what happens when you say, "Alexa, knock knock..".. OK ALEXA...calm down a little bit, sister...

Maybe try this too.."Hey ALexa, play The BROADcast Podcast on iHeartRadio" :)

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