MEGa Movie!! Review Time!

This weekend I FINALLY got time to go see "The Meg". First, a few things about me...

1: I LOVE SHARKS. LOVE. Not just in a "yay its shark week" kind of way...

2: "Jaws" became my favorite movie at age 6. I know, weird, but I have loved it for ages. I was beyond MAD when they shut down the Jaws ride at Universal.

3: Anytime someone can successfully pull off comedy in one moment and jump scare in the next, they've won me over. This movie did it!


 "The Meg" was not at all what I expected. It was a new concept! No, not the giant shark concept...the "this is how we haven't been able to officially confirm her existence until now" concept. I can't get into much more detail than that without spoilers but it's great!

The little girl in the movie was my favorite character and surprisingly, Rainn Wilson was my least favorite. He starts out strong but ugh..3/4 in we see his true colors.  Jason Statham is the only guy who could've played his role so pefectly (except maybe The Rock) and Ruby Rose rocked my face off. Shes smoking hot and the smartest woman on the ship!!


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