Woman paid it foward not knowin it was Keith Urban

ou probably heard this, but it's awesome:  KEITH URBAN hit up a convenience store in Jersey before a show on Friday, and the woman in line behind him overheard that he was short five bucks.  So SHE offered to buy his food and gas. 

When he thanked her and said his name was Keith, she made a comment about how he looked like Keith Urban.  When he said he WAS, she didn't believe him . . . she wanted to know where NICOLE was, and why he was there with another woman.

Keith explained that he was there with his sister, and even had his bodyguard back him up.  They ended up laughing about it, and taking great selfie together.

The woman's a local teacher named Ruth Reed, and she says she couldn't believe what an idiot she was.  And check this out.  She says she pays it forward at that same store every week.  She made a resolution to do it three years ago.

Quote, "I have done that ever since.  It is the best.  I would encourage everybody to do it because it makes you feel good about you."

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