A legend...a DYNASTY...arrived in an Uber?

My daughter and I went to the WWE Summerslam Heatwave Tour in Pensacola this past weekend and were SHOCKED when we saw how one star showed up! I was helping our sister station, TK101, and making kids take really goofy photos with me...and stealing their championship belts (see below) and Rori walked with my friends Wendy and Wade, and their daughter Ella to catch a glimpse of the stars as they arrived.

My 11 year old just got into wrestling about a year ago...yes, from me...and she is only there for the ladies (and John Cena and Finn Balor, but they weren't there Saturday)! She LOVES Charlotte Flair! Now, in case the name doesn't ring a bell, Charlotte is the daughter of the LEGENDARY wrestler, Ric Flair- WOO!

Rori came running to me after Charlotte pulled up with the biggest smile on her face, and she couldn't stop laughing. "MOM!! CHARLOTTE SHOWED UP IN AN UBER!! SHE'S A REAL PERSON JUST LIKE US!". I guess being featured in the Sports Illustrated body issue this year and growing up with a SUPER famous pops doesn't really matter to Charlotte, and I dig that. 


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