Movies that could NEVER be made now...

Last night my daughter wanted to watch a scary movie and while watching the one I chose for her, "The Ring",I realized they could NEVER get away with making that movie today. Why? VHS. The simple idea of popping in a VHS and then getting a phone call from a ghost would never fly today. Almost the same with DVDs as they are currently being phased out due to the popularity of streaming services. I guess you could click a haunted link on Netflix?? Doesn't seem as creepy to me.

Here's a few movies that could NEVER be made in this day and age..

1: "Home Alone", 1990. With all the hoops airport security makes you jump through, there's no way a family could get all the way onto a plane without realizing they're missing a kid. Also - a rich kid like Kevin would have a cell.

FAVORITE LINE: "I'm eating junk and watching better come out and stop me"

 2: "Robin Hood: Men In Tights" 1993. - Basically racism. The movie, much like "Blazing Saddles", had moments where its supposed to hit racism directly in the face with humor, and it got away with it mostly thanks to Dave Chappelle. Not sure the script would even make it past the front door of the studio lobby these days. Maybe Dave Chappelle could remake "Blazing Saddles"?

FAVORITE LINE: "This will save your life..."

3: "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective", 1994.  The villain is an angry transsexual, and everybody gets all grossed out when they find out. No. Just no. Also, I never really found that movie anything but gross. Sue me.

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