The Animals.. The Animals.. OITNB 6 THIS FRIDAY!

SPOILERS: If you haven't watched last season DON'T READ.

Ever since Poussey Washington (Samira Wiley), my favorite character, died at the end of Season 4, things have been changing around Litchfield. Season 5 of OITNB took us right in the middle of their riot. The inmates were finally in charge, Daya had a gun, most of the guards were being held hostage, and Taystee was the face of the riot as she led negotiations with the higher ups. "HOT CHEETOS AND TAKIS!!!"

Can we just talk about how great it was that Piscatella lost what little control he had?! Toward the end of last season, he broke back into the prison with the sole purpose of enacting his revenge on Red and as much as I loved seeing him without power, I never expected what came next.

Last season, OITNB ended with Litchfield’s higher ups finally taking back control of their inmates, several of its women now guilty of crimes that are far more serious than what they were imprisoned for, and a dead guard. 

The main difference in this season and seasons past is that while still at Litch, they're moving to the infamous "MAX" we've heard about for years. As in "MAXimum Security". 

Side note: I'm a tad obsessed with Alex and WHY IS THERE NO ALEX VAUSE IN THE PREVIEW?!


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