Red Hoodie Comedy Tour Shenanigans!

First, THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by the K99 booth at the Golden Nugget Saturday! You guys were ON FIRE and even Bobby Bones said on his show this morning, "Biloxi is NUTS". He right. We nuts.

This weekend was filled with surprises, laughter, tears and LOTS of hugs. Sweet T (our Social Media guru) and I left Blues Over Biloxi around 2:30PM to make sure we had plenty of time to shower before setting up at the Golden Nugget and meeting listeners who had meet and greet passes. Really, I just wanted to shower before meeting Bobby. 

As they say, we make plans and God laughs... we walked into the Nugget and who was the first person we saw? Bobby. He had just walked in too.

The rest of the night was history. I got to see old friends, former co-workers and distant family. Maggie Rose is my favorite human and Mike Dee was the nicest. Bobby even signed a "Tell Me Something Good" shirt for Rori (my 11yr old)...its her favorite part of the morning.

If you have pics from the show, please tag us in them on Insta or Facebook. And can someone please make Bill Black from our sister station 95KSJ in Mobile stop photobombing us? Ugh..

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