How I survived living in North Pole, AK

YES. You read that correctly. I lived in the North Pole. North Pole, Alaska that is. I moved to AK in 2006 and lived just around the corner for Fort Wainwright on Badger Rd. in NORTH POLE. The city was VERY small but I was obsessed with it. Street lights were candy canes and you could actually visit "Santa Claus House"! Moving from the deep south to the far north was an intense culture shock. I completely credit my survival to one place... Blockbuster Video in North Pole.

Even though Blockbuster went under almost five years ago, there were still a handful of stores that survived.  Well, now that handful is now down to a finger. The last two Blockbusters in Alaska just announced they're closing their doors by the end of August.  That means that now there's only one Blockbuster left in this entire country and it's in Bend, Oregon.

I grew up in Blockbuster and it was my piece of home. Most of the DVDs I own have their sticker on them. Were you a Blockbuster kid? I kind of want to visit OR now to have that one last memory.

Ok - I'll stop being mushy now. Here's some photos of where I lived in AK. If you ever get a chance to visit, DO IT. Just don't go after October. Temps drop to -60 plus!

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