I want to be arrested in Goldsboro. You heard me.

For the first time in my life I'm thinking of ways to get arrested but not be charged and it's for 3 reasons... and they are in the video below. SO many of these videos are great. Maybe it's because the song takes me back to high school, or maybe its just those dimples...or GOOD LORD THOSE TEETH. Are their moms on Facebook? Should I try to get in good with them first? Whats the least punishable crime I could get away with to meet them? Also, whats wrong with me? Anyway - ENJOY!

From their Facebook: "If you have not seen the latest Law Enforcement Lip Sync Challenges going on across the Nation, the Goldsboro Police Department has decided to show you the lighter side of some of our Officers having a little fun and joining in. Officer Smith , Officer Sasser and Officer Pate lip synced to Vanessa Carltons, A Thousand Miles."



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