Granny, your phone isn't broken! It's just a GIF..

Shout out to this granny who has a smart phone in the first place (my mom still has a flip phone)! Poor thing thought it was broken and went to the Verizon store for help...hilarity ensued...

The grandmother of a tech writer for Forbes Magazine was very confused this week by a group text. Screenshots were posted when his Granny encountered her very first GIF video.  In the midst of a group text with family, someone sent a GIF of Steve Harvey clapping (see below). That's when things got fun.

The GIF kept looping over and over again confused the bejesus out of her to the point that she thought her phone was broken.  So what does grandma do? She for sure doesn't ask her grandson who is a tech writer for one of the biggest publications in the world. She goes straight to the Verizon store! 

Apparently her big concern was that it would keep looping while her phone was off and run the battery down.  The store clerks assured her that's not how GIFs work.  But she sent another group text anyway later on that said, "Now it's 5:30 P.M., and he's STILL clapping." THIS IS PRECIOUS.

And Granny, we will forever be clapping at this story!

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