This gave me serious CHILLS - USA USA USA!

I love the water. Especially clear water (again - fish fear, remember? Moving on..). Destin and the whole Emerald Coast is just perfect, Crab Island being my favorite. You can wade in the water and see everything. You can park your boat and hang for the entire day. They have floating restaurants, bars and kids activities. Now, having said that...on the holidays it tends to get rowdy, so as the mom of an 11 year old, I steer clear. BUT - its always a blast. I wasn't there on the 4th, but I found this video taken at Waterworld on Crab Island and it gave me chills. 

I don't care who you voted for. I don't care what you look like or where you come from. We are genuinely blessed to be able to call this country home. Watching these humans sing our National Anthem LOUD AND PROUD as the Blue Angels fly over was just a reminder than, maybe not all things and maybe not all people are great. Circumstances vary and times change, but if we remain humble and steadfast on our search for the good in humanity, we will prevail. God Bless the USA.


From their Facebook page: "Yesterday one of the most amazing things happened. We played the National Anthem just like we do every day but this time had a fly over. People from all across the country stopped and stood together and sang along by the thousands. I have never seen a place that people showed so much love and respect for our country than Waterworld on Crab Island."


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