Movie Minute: 2 Picks this week? INCREDIBLE!

We've waited 14 LONG years for the follow up to Disney's "The Incredibles" and at long last, IT HAS ARRIVED! The movie picks up exactly where the first one left off. The family has to save the city from being destroyed by a villain called the Underminer, played by John Ratzenburger. Don't worry, your favorite voices like Holly Hunter, Craig T. Nelson, and Samuel L. Jackson have all returned as well. CAN YOU SAY.... FROZOOOONNNEEEEE!!!

My excitement for "Incredibles 2" is closely mirrored by my excitement for "Tag". Based on a CRAZY true story, "Tag" goes a lil somthin' like this... Every year a group of five adults reunite for a highly competitive game of tag where they become a target for a whole month, but you can't tag back the person who tagged you, and the last person tagged is stuck as "It" for the rest of the year. 

With a cast like, Jon Hamm, Jake Johnson, Ed Helms and Hannibal Burress, one might want to utilize a pair of Depends for the viewing. I highly anticipate explosive laughter for 2 hours!

I'll be honest...I'm going to see this to see if I can somehow start up a version of the game with my own friends.

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