Dierks Bentley takes "ice baths" (watch)

Turns out DIERKS BENTLEY's Polar Plunge of 13-plus minutes in freezing lake water was only the beginning.  He posted a new video yesterday before his show in Dayton, Ohio . . . where he's sitting in an ice bath for 15 straight minutes.

It's captioned, quote, "Getting a little extra energy for the show tonight."

Before he gets in the tub he talks about the Wim Hof Method again.  That's the breathing technique he did during the lake plunge.  He said it helps, quote, "clear the brain, strengthen the immune system . . . and, hopefully, strengthen the liver." 

Once he's sitting in the tub he's surprised to find out that the ice bath is 44 degrees, compared to the 36-degree lake water. 

The video jumps forward a couple of times until he finishes the 15 minutes.  The best part is when he gets out and his skin is bright pink.  He yelps about his cold toes, and then declares how great he feels as he's walking gingerly away, almost limping.

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