iHeart Big Boats and I Cannot Lie!!

If you've never heard of Dragon Boat races, don't worry...most people haven't. To save you from my half-correct synopsis, here's a quick video of what it looks like! Or you can read more here!

50 teams of 20 rowers and 1 drummer "paddle at the Battle", or race in Mobile Bay beside the USS Alabama, for the medals and braggin' rights! And boy, did we EARN those braggin' rights!

Team members from iHeart Radio sales, On-Air, and Engineering practiced Friday night and fought to the DEATH (ok maybe not death but it felt like it) on Saturday as "Team iHeart Big Boats and I Cannot Lie"! We got LOUD and psyched out our competitors, we rowed like there was no one watching....although about 5K people were! We ended up WINNING the "WOW" award for "Best Team Theme" and "Best Team Spirit"...which we wouldn't have gone home without, and to some people's surprise but NOT ours..WE WON OUR DIVISION!

All of the proceeds for this event go to better children in our communities and we couldn't have been happier to be a part of this day. Over $200K was raised from this one event alone! We really do have the most fun, so if you ever see Team iHeart out and about...come play with us! You wont be disappointed!

See some of the days best moments below!

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