What Would Dolly Do?

Today is my daughter Rori's 11th birthday. The kid is super quirky and I never have a clue what she will be interested in from one day to the next! One day it's Taylor Swift, and the next day its Dragon Ball Z..? Lately she's been really getting into music and when we were flipping channels on TV a few months ago, we came across one of my favorites, "Steel Magnolias". Ever since, the kid has been completely fascinated with ALL THINGS DOLLY (which I LOVE)! If you think about it, Dolly Parton, aside from being known for her plastic surgery (YOU DO YOU, DOLLY), has a crystal clear reputation. She uses her Instagram to inspire others every single day, and works with more charities than I can count.

I think the Universe placed this gem on the shelves at just the right time. Although my mini me got quite a few gifts for her birthday, this one I'm pretty proud of. I hope she loves it as much as I do...and if she doesn't, I have a free spot on my bookshelf! #WWDD


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