Teenage Football Champs/ Real life HEROES!

Talk about a couple of days... these kids will never forget this week for the rest of their lives!

A football team (all guys between 12 and 14 years old) from Boise, Idaho were in San Jose, California on Monday where they won the national championship for American Youth Football! *CONGRATS* 

But they did something even MORE impressive on Tuesday when they were driving home to Idaho.  

On Route 95 near Jordan Valley, Oregon, a Jeep rolled over in front of their vans.  What happened next restored my faith in humanity (and good parenting). The kids got out, pulled a guy out of the car who was trapped, and then worked together to raise up the Jeep so they could rescue the woman who was stuck inside.

Their coach says he's, quote, "more than proud" of the team because it was never a question whether they'd stop to help.  Quote, "They got out of the car like they were supposed to do that . . . it's a great bunch of kids." 

 YOU ARE RIGHT, COACH! And having played sports my entire life, I would bet that you had a little something to do with them turning out this way. Kudos!

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