Excuse me, Ma'am...are you SHAVING YOUR LEGS?!

I get it. I've really wanted to go for a swim but realized I needed to shave my legs first. HOWEVER, I have NEVER IN MY BORN DAY....

 In strange far away land called Florida recently, some poor soul was at the pool at a hotel and had o witness these SHENANIGANS. There was a woman sitting on the edge, dipping her feet in while watching her kids, which is perfectly fine BUT while she was sitting there, she was also shamelessly SHAVING HER LEGS and using the pool water to wash the blade off.

The person who saw it posted a video on Reddit.  Now the footage and screenshots from it are bouncing around the internet. What would you do?? Would you make your kids get out of the pool? It's your vacation too? Call management? Vomit? All of the above?



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