National Dance Like a WHAT Day??

If you listen to my show, you know I love random made up holidays. If you don't listen to my show, 1: what's wrong with you.. and 2: now you know. :)

Today is "National Dance Like A Chicken Day"! WHO MAKES THIS STUFF UP? HOW DO YOU GET THIS JOB? I can just see now some guy in a wig 300 years ago, banging a gavel as he states, "I declare today, the 14th of May, National Dance Like A Chicken Day".

One of my absolute favorite shows is in it's final season right now on FOX. "New Girl" stole my heart in season 1 and I'll probably cry when it goes off the air, but for now, lets laugh at the moment I knew I was in love with this show. Jess' Chicken Dance. They all make fun of her and then after a terrible night at the wedding, they embrace her weirdness.

SIDE NOTE: I AM this girl. I AM Jessica Day. Now, to find my sarcastic, grumpy, handsome and loveable Nick Miller.

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