An American Idol Homecoming!

I've been talking about this on my show for a while and ITS HAPPENING!! Carrie Underwood goes back to where it all started this week when she joins American Idol as a guest mentor. The remaining five contestants are in Nashville to work with her, then they'll all fly back to Hollywood to perform songs from Carrie's songbook on Sunday. 

Yesterday we found out that Idol has been renewed for a second season and all of the current judges are on board! Sunday night TV hasn't been this good in a long time. The new formula for Idol is perfect. We have everything done in ONE night instead of performance on one night and elimination the next. The voting happens in REAL TIME so we don't have to wait...or endure recap episodes.

Carrie will also perform her new single, "Cry Pretty," on the show. Her long awaited new album, also titled "Cry Pretty" comes out on September 14th. And if this song is any indication of the "WOW" factor of the new album, consider it purchased already!!

Now let us relive her win, shall we??

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