Southern Miss Phi Mu and a WWII Vet? Oh yes..

My #WAYTOGOWEDNESDAY goes to the sisters of Phi Mu at Southern Miss. I'm not're crying!

A 92-year-old World War II veteran had one dying wish ... and a sorority at University of Southern Mississippi became his wish granter.

Paul Sonnier fought in the war and survived the attack on Pearl Harbor. Jessica Moreau is a social work intern at the hospice care service that treats Paul and got to know him after spending a lot of time with him.

One day, Paul told Jessica that his dying wish was to have one last dance with a beautiful girl and that he hoped to someday teach her how to waltz and jitterbug. Jessica promised to make that happen and then immediately started planning.

She spoke to her sisters at Phi Mu and arranged to have a dance at the hospice facility. Dozens of the girls came by to grant Paul's wish. Though he's bedridden, he was able to hold the girls' hands as they danced with him and ate his favorite lemon cookies. 

“What we appreciate the most is that our greatest generation member, my father, is happy that this younger generation appreciates everything that he did and sacrificed so they can sit here and have fun and have the freedoms that they have,” said Sonnier’s daughter, Ida Sonnier.

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