his own arrogance! *spoilers*

Honestly, did he not ASK FOR IT??

Last night on Survivor, the big merge finally went down. Upon arrival, Chris found an idol clue randomly placed in his new buff, saying an immunity idol was on Ghost Island. The catch was, if he wanted it, he would have to travel there late that night while everyone else was asleep. He found J.T.'s 'Game Changers' idol in plain sight, but it was only good at the next Tribal Council. However, a game of chance allowed him to extend the life of the idol for up to 5 extra Tribal Councils. He chose to play the game and only extended his life by a week, but in turn lost his opportunity to vote at Tribal Council. He made it back to camp without anyone knowing he's been gone.

After the crazy-hard immunity challenge (which Kellyn won), back at camp, Chris gathered everyone except Dom and Wendell in an attempt to to dictate a split vote between those two in case Dom played his idol. While they were alone, Wendell told Domenick about his idol. Donathan immediately told them about Chris's plan to split the votes.

Here's where things got crazy! At Tribal Council, Domenick openly wore his fake idol, then played the Legacy Advantage on himself, but did not receive any votes. No other idols were played. I REPEAT: NO OTHER IDOLS WERE PLAYED. This means that Wendell and Chris both felt so secure in their safety that they sat on their idols. Welp, lets just say it worked out well for Wendell. Meanwhile, everyone except Desiree and Angela sent Chris to the jury and his cocky butt couldnt have been more blindsided! 

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