This will be the best thing you see all day!

This is a pretty cool story if you haven't heard about it yet . . .

This is 7 year old Madden Humphreys who was born with a cleft palate, and had surgery to repair it.  And he was also born with two different-colored eyes.  One's blue, and the other one's hazel. A video he made last summer about being bullied got a few hundred thousand hits on Facebook.  (I love when he told kids to not be "POOPHEADS" to each other.)

Madden is back in the news and for the BEST reason! His mom was recently on a Facebook support group page for parents of kids with cleft palates.  Someone showed her a photo of a CAT living in a shelter in Minnesota. It looks just like Madden!! Its left eye is blue, just like his . . . its right eye is hazel . . . and it also has a cleft lip. THEY ARE BASICALLY TWINS!

In an incredible testament to the goodness of people, a bunch of friends and random strangers chipped in to pay for a road trip.  Then they drove up north and ADOPTED it for Madden! Photos of the BFF's are making the rounds online, and Madden's mom says they're inseparable.

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