Um, Hi there buddy..

I first saw this video last night at 1:30AM while desperately trying to fall asleep but refusing to turn off my phone, you know.. like a smart woman does. 

In the video, the guy holding the phone is in a Chick-Fil-A bathroom (and clearly using it) when out of nowhere pops little dude asking "hi whats your name?" from under the door. Apparently his mother let him be a big boy and was his hands in the men's room while she went to the ladies' room.

In a funny turn of events, the kid's dad is a local TV anchor in their area, so when the video started circulating, he reached out and thanked the throne videographer for being so nice to his kid who is "quite a handful". This was a class act response in my opinion. He could've been embarrassed and reacted in anger that it was going viral, but instead too the high road. 

The best part of the entire video? A KID ACTUALLY ASKING SOMEONE TO HELP HIM WASH HIS HANDS instead of being grubby and not washing like most kids that age. KUDOS Mom and Dad. You can handle the privacy lesson soon enough, but for now you're doing just fine!

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