I'm not crying, neighbor...You're crying...

My heart can't take this. 

I grew up with this man. He was welcome in my home and visited daily. He was with all of us. The closest I've gotten to hanging with Mr. R again is my friend/co-worker Chip Nelson from 96.1 The Rocket talking to me as Mr. Rogers on the regular (BEST IMPRESSION, REALLY) because he knows I loved the dude.

He was a visionary with a heart of a servant. He taught me about depression, anxiety, divorce, racism...AND CONQUERING THEM ALL...and I didnt even realize it at the time.

Seeing this documentary trailer just took me right back to the 80's/90's and I'm flooded with emotional gratitude and anticipation. I can's wait to see the final product!

The greatest thing that we can do is to help somebody know that they're loved and capable of loving. - Fred Rogers

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