International Women's Day, celebrate with iHeart!

Today is International Women's Day, and I gotta say, McDonald's tribute is pretty good.  Way better than offering, like, buy one get one free chicken sandwiches or something.

A McDonald's in Lynwood, California literally FLIPPED the golden arches on its sign upside-down . . . so instead of an "M," now it's a "W."  For "women."

And the logo is also upside-down today on all of McDonald's social media profiles.

And maybe YOU can get in on celebrating International Women's Day too . . . by taking a cue from how people in a few dozen other countries handle it.

In places including Armenia, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, Uganda, Ukraine, and Vietnam, there's a tradition for men to give women flowers and gifts today. 

(Business Insider / National Today)

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