Knope and Swanson together again?!?! YES!

Ladies and Gentlemen, my dreams are starting to come true! Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson are BACK! Well, sort of..

"Parks & Recreation" co-stars Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman have a new show coming to NBC this summer.  And it's all about COMPETITIVE CRAFTING. In my personal opinion, IT'S ABOUT TIME!

The show is called "Making It", and contestants will compete with each other to see who's the craftiest, whether it's by painting, drawing, or working with wood, metal or fabric. Offerman says, quote, "As a woodworker myself, I'm awfully proud to showcase all these talented Makers and be reunited with my charismatic pal Amy to boot."

Amy is one of my personal heroes. Basically I want to be Amy if and when I ever grow up. Also, when I DO have free time, I'm doing some sort of craft. It's like she and Nick said, "what show would make Johnna happy? OH! Got it!". You can BET I'll have my DVR set for this one!

**SIDE NOTE: If you haven't read Amy's book, "Yes, Please"...DO IT NOW.

"Making It"will premiere on July 31st. 

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