I was in a movie, and you could be too!

Industry leaders are now saying that California is no longer the most popular place to film movies. The new Hollywood, or Hollywood South, is right next door. LOUISIANA! I have many friends who have been in major films as extras in the New Orleans area and surrounding suburbs. One of my closest friends was a vampire in the last "Twilight" film and can show you more selfies of himself with celebrities than anyone I know! (Side note: he swears Matthew McConaughey is the nicest one)

If you've ever wanted to be in a movie, this is your time! Casting agencies are always looking. You don't have to have experience and they want all races, genders, ages and body types. It usually pays about $100 a day, but you must commit your time to them. 

As a matter of fact, about 6 years ago, I answered a casting call after simply submitting a head shot and bio. I was cast as an extra in a horror film called "Oculus". You can only see me for about 15 seconds at the end of the film, but WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! Being a film geek, I asked everyone on set too many questions, and we became buds by the end of my shoot (which was from 6p-6a after a day of work at my full time job - can you say loopy?). Below is a picture of myself and our former intern, turned Radio King of Boston, Colton Bradford, on the set of "Oculus" as EMT's. We didn't save any lives, but I think we operated on a few funny bones that night.


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