The movie 9 to 5 is making a come back

There's a reboot of "9 to 5" in the works, and DOLLY PARTON, JANE FONDA, and LILY TOMLIN might be back.  But they won't be the main stars this time.

The plan is to have three YOUNGER women dealing with sexism and harassment in the workplace, who turn to the original trio for guidance.  The producers are trying to snag RASHIDA JONES to write the script.

In the 1980 original, the ladies dealt with a hostile workplace by KIDNAPPING their boss, after he tried to blackmail Dolly into sleeping with him. 

In real life, Dolly had a huge hit with the title song, and the movie was turned into a Broadway musical in 2009.

Jane and Lily currently star in the Netflix comedy "Grace and Frankie".


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