Stop judging me, Netflix..

Netflix SHAMED (in a silly 'but we still love you' way) some people for their viewing habits. To be honest, they probably deserve it, and not just for their movie selection, which happened to be the apparent new holiday classic, "A Christmas Prince"

Netflix Tweeted, "To the 53 people who've watched 'A Christmas Prince' every day for the past 18 days:  Who hurt you?" An entertainment reporter Tweeted, quote, "Why are you calling people out like that Netflix?"  And Netflix replied, quote, "I just want to make sure you're okay." Netflix FOR THE WIN! A rep confirmed that 53 people have watched 'A Christmas Prince' every day for 18 days. 

Following suit with other major companies who've become more relatable/relevant over the past couple of years on social media, Netflix made a lot of people laugh pretty hard with this one...and made 53 people probably cry.

 Oh yeah, just in case you wanted to make it 54..

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