Gulf Coast, Thank you!

Gulf Coast! Thank you for becoming a St. Jude Partner in Hope during our K99 COUNTRY Radiothon last week! Because of you, parents can focus on getting their child healthy without any financial concerns. Because of you, new cancer treatments and cures will continue to be developed at St. Jude and shared all over the world! And ,because of you, another child lives!

Thank you for the patients and their families who were willing to share their transparent, emotional stories that made all of us refocus on our priorities in life, Thank you for my colleagues, (particularly Stance and Sherri) who stepped out of their comfort zone and shared their stories as well.

Our goal, every year, is to help save kid's lives! Hopefully, you gained a better understanding of the love, the caring in action, and the exceptional mission of St. Jude Children's Research Center. Again, thank you for becoming a St. Jude Partner in Hope! -walter brown


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